Where are you located?
We are on the corner of Fifth Street and Beltrami Ave.

Who is the Bike Guy?
The bike guy is the not-so-secret identity of owner, Kirby Harmon

My bike is making funny noises/not working right.  How much does that cost?
The best thing to do is to bring your bike in and we can give you a thorough estimate and recommend a course of action.  Every bike is different, but they’re all made up of a group of systems that need to work in sync and a problem in one can manifest in another.  We really do usually need to see it to give you a good idea of what’s wrong.

I need some tubes/tires.  Maybe, 25″ x 1.45mm.  That’s a size, right?
Write down the numbers on the side of your tires.  There are a variety of tube and tire sizes.  Also, the inch size designations mean very little.  Mountain bikes come in a 29″ tire size that is actually smaller than the old 27″ road bike size.  There are at least three or four varieties of 26″ wheel size that are in no way compatible.  The more information you bring us the better we can help you.  Also, pay attention to the type of valve that is on your old tube.  Those come in different flavors as well, but mainly Schrader, which is like the valves on a car tire, and Presta, which is a tall, skinny valve with a screw in stopper underneath the dust cover.

I heard you were getting ice cream.  When is that coming?
It’s on the way! Honest! The freezer has been shipped and the other necessary equipment is in transit.

Do you sell used bikes?
We take bikes that we’ve sold on trade, give them a thorough refurbishing, and then offer them at a reduced price.  Stock is often low to non-existent because we just don’t see many bikes come back to us, but keep an eye out.  We also have a bulletin board where people are encouraged to post their own used bikes.

Do you take bikes on trade/buy used bikes?
We will take bikes we’ve sold on trade, but otherwise no.  For a variety of reasons we can’t take used bikes in.  A big one is that you need to be a licensed pawn-broker to deal in goods with a certain value.  Another is that we prefer to know the maintenance and service history of the bike so that we can give the previous owner a fair price.  If we were to buy used bikes outright, we really couldn’t offer a great price because of the amount of maintenance and refurbishing that would have to go into most bikes.  We encourage you to bring in a flyer to post on our bulletin board, however.  We get daily enquiries into used bikes and are more than happy to direct people to any posted offers.

How much is a tune-up, and what does it consist of?
Our standard rate is $50 dollars.  A tune-up takes a mechanically sound bike and adjusts it so that it functions as it did the day you bought it.  We check to make sure that pedals, cranks, stems, and bars are tight, true both wheels, tune the brakes, tune the shifting, clean the drivetrain, and fill your tires.  If your bike is well cared-for, a yearly tune up will keep it running smoothly.

Why am I getting all these flats?
It’s kind of a part of biking, I’m afraid.  More info here.

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