Wind Trainer Night

This Tuesday, 12/6, we’ll be having a wind trainer night at 6pm at the shop.  This will give us a chance to get back together as a cycling group again and stay loose through the long winter months, especially right now while there’s not enough snow to hit the ski trails.

The plan is to meet, set up, and ride while watching a variety of training videos.  This should be pretty low-key and fun.  The beauty of riding the trainer is that you get the perfect workout for you, and nobody gets dropped (although Kirby might just get up and move his trainer forward a few inches).
If you’ve never ridden a trainer before but would like to try there is one shop trainer available, and Zach will be bringing an extra as well.  Get in touch with us if you want to come and use  a spare trainer.  We’d hate to have three or four extra people show up and not have a way for them to ride.  Zach will also be bringing a set of rollers, so those who have never ridden them can get a feel for them and compare them to a rear-wheel clamp-on-style trainer.  An in-depth analysis of the differences is available here.

If you’ve never ridden a wind trainer before, you’re in for a treat.  Riding the trainer is a lot sweatier than riding on the road as you don’t have the wind to evaporate perspiration.  Consider bringing:

  • A towel to drape over your bike to keep sweat off
  • A headband or sweatband if you tend to get a lot of sweat in your eyes
  • Plenty of water

Hope to see you there!